Delete File

Call Method
   Sub DeleteFile (FilesID As String, Filename As String)
         Files ID
         File Name to delete
VB.NET Example Switch to language: [C#]
  'Create personalizer object and Session object
  Dim pers As New PersonalizerRef.Personalizer()
  Dim sess As New SessionRef.Session()
  Dim SessionID As String = ""
      SessionID = pers.CreateSession("LogonName", "Password")
      'Get Files Object
      Dim objFiles As New FilesRef.Files()
      'Get Files object ID
      Dim FilesID As String = sess.GetFiles(SessionID)
      'Delete file
      objFiles.DeleteFile(FilesID, "file.wav")
  Catch e As Exception
      'Print exception message e.Message
  End Try