Get next filename from files

Call Method
   String GetNextFile (String FilesID)
         Files ID
Return value
         Next file name or empty string if no more files
C# Example Switch to language: [VB.NET]
  //Create personalizer object and Session object
  PersonalizerRef.Personalizer pers = new PersonalizerRef.Personalizer() ;
  SessionRef.Session sess = new SessionRef.Session() ;
  string SessionID = "";
      SessionID = pers.CreateSession("LogonName", "Password");
      //Get Files Object
      FilesRef.Files objFiles = new FilesRef.Files() ;
      //Get Files object ID
      string FilesID = sess.GetFiles(SessionID) ;
      string FileName;
      //Get first filename
          //Print file name
          Console.WriteLine("Found File=" + FileName);
          FileName = objFiles.GetNextFile(FilesID);
  catch(Exception e){
      //Print exception message e.Message