Method that your SOAP object should implement to receice incoming phone calls.

Call Method
   Sub IncomingCall (DestinationAddress As String, OriginationAddress As String, SessionGuid As String, NotificatonGuid As String)
         Your phone or extension number(Assigned by AcrossCommunications service)
         Called party information
         Session ID
         Notification ID
VB.NET Example Switch to language: [C#]
  public void IncomingCall( string DestinationAddress, string OriginationAddress, string SessionGuid, string NotificatonGuid ){
  Dim phone As New PhoneRef.Phone()
          IfOriginationAddress.EndsWith( "3188076" ) Then
              phone.AcceptCall( NotificationGuid )
              phone.Say( NotificationGuid, "This is a test accrosscommunication incoming client!!!" )
              phone.PlayDigits( NotificationGuid, "5" )
              phone.HangUp( NotificationGuid )
              phone.RejectCall( NotificationGuid )
          End If
          phone.Release( NotificationGuid )
          Dim sess As New SessionRef.Session()
          sess.Release( SessionGuid )
      End Try
  End Sub