Call Method
   Function SayWithDigitEvent (NotificationID As String, Text As String, LastDigits As String, MaxNumbers As int) As String
         Notification ID
         Text to say
         Specifies terminating digits. Valid values ['0'-'9', '#', '*']
         Specifies maximum amount of digits to gather.
Return value
         Digits that was pressed on the phoneset keypad
VB.NET Example Switch to language: [C#]
  'Create personalizer object and Session object
  Dim pers As New PersonalizerRef.Personalizer()
  Dim sess As New SessionRef.Session()
  Dim SessionID As String = ""
      SessionID = pers.CreateSession("LogonName", "Password")
      'Create Phone notification object
      Dim objPhone As New PhoneRef.Phone()
      Dim PhoneNotifID As String = sess.CreatePhoneNotification(SessionID)
      Dim resp As String=objPhone.SayWithDigitEvent(PhoneNotifID, _
              "To play file press 0, otherwise press 9", "09",4)
      If resp = "0" Then
          resp = objPhone.PlayFileWithDigitEvent(PhoneNotifID, "Prompt.wav", "012", 4)
      End If
      objPhone.HangUp(PhoneNotifID) ' close connection
  Catch e As Exception
      'Print exception message e.Message
  End Try