Get Queue Item Status

Call Method
   Function GetItemStatus (QueueObjID As String, QueueItemID As String) As String
         Queue Object ID
         Queue Item ID
Return value
         Returns Queue Item Status
VB.NET Example Switch to language: [C#]
  'Create personalizer object and Session object
  Dim pers As New PersonalizerRef.Personalizer()
  Dim sess As New SessionRef.Session()
  Dim SessionID As String = ""
      SessionID = pers.CreateSession("LogonName", "Password")
      'Create Fax notification object
      Dim objFax As New FaxRef.Fax()
      ' Create server notification object
      Dim FaxNotifID As String = sess.CreateFaxNotification(SessionID)
      'Put Text to fax in the queue and get queue item ID
      Dim sQueueItemId As String
      sQueueItemId = objFax.EnqueueTextDocument(FaxNotifID,
              "11005118196", "This is a simple fax notification text")
      'Retrieve Status of enqueued fax document
      Dim oQueue As New QueueRef.Queue()
      Dim sQueueId As String = sess.GetQueue(SessionID)
      While oQueue.GetItemStatus(sQueueId, sQueueItemId) <>"Done"
          '--- Do pause here or print some messages ---
      End While
      'Print comments of transmitted document
      Dim sComment As String = oQueue.GetComments(sQueueId, sQueueItemId)
  Catch e As Exception
      'Print exception message e.Message
  End Try