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AcrossCommunications Affiliate Program:

Is your web site geared toward IT people, such as: webmasters, system administrators, or operation managers? Or, do you create marketing campaigns in the IT industry? Or, do you think you may have people who read your e-mails or visit your web site who can't live without the AcrossCommunications service? (Okay, we can get a little carried away about it.)

If you do, we believe you will benefit - that is, earn some of the highest referral dollars in the industry - from the AcrossCommunications Affiliate Program. Its easy to give it try! (And once you do we think you'll stay.)


AcrossCommunications pays $10 for each customer you refer to us that later becomes a paid client. Its that simple. The reputation of our affiliate program is very important to us and that is why - we've created a real-time system where you can watch the numbers (and money) grow as it occurs! (And we make it easy for new customers to sign-up by giving them a FREE 30-day trial.)

The client must spend at least $10/month for our services and must have stayed with us and paid for at least 2 consecutive months for you to receive referral fee. The check is made out every 5th of the month.

Its EASY to get Started (even for those NEW to affiliate programs): There are a few simple, but important, steps to becoming a AcrossCommunications Affiliate:

Open an Account Open a AcrossCommunications Affiliate account by clicking on the Sign-up button on the left and providing basic information.

Review Your Approval Notification We quickly review your information for approval and send you a notification. (Please review it to make sure it is correct.)

Receive your special indentification number As an approved AcrossCommunications Affiliate you will be issued a unique identification number. (This identification number is used to keep track of customers who you refer to us. Don't worry you don't absolutely have to remember it or anything, we keep track of it also.)

Cut and Paste You will be provided with very easy cut and paste HTML code for a variety of banners and link examples. You will be able to quickly and easily place them on your web site, e-mail, or other marketing material.

Watch the Numbers Grow With your AcrossCommunications Affiliate log-in you will be able to see your real time statistics, such as: how many people you referred, those that haven't registered (yet), those that register with us as a free trial users, and those wise and wonderful people who register for a paid account (and 2 months later can earn you $10).

How does it work?

Every time you send a person from your web site to our web site they will come with a unique identifier specific to only your URL, such as:


The 418819E412B84D619D8FEACA4E5108C0 is your unique identifier. When a referral comes to our web site from your web site we detect that referral and the associated unique identifier. Then, we set a persistent cookie that identifies that that client came from your web site.

Each time a referral opens a free trial account, a paid account, or upgrades their account, the persistent cookie is read and your affiliate statistics are updated in real-time. You can see your up-to-the-minute progress on our web site by logging into your account.

And then what happens?

Our successful AcrossCommunications Affiliate members like to share ideas and stay in touch. We provide the option of hearing from us personally in the form of a very occasional e-newsletter and we always are open to one-on-one feedback about the program and the services we provide. (Especially for those are just starting with our AcrossCommunications Affiliate program we like to hear your feedback and help with a few pointers to get you started successfully.)

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