We offer an affordable and quick way to get a reliable web-platform which will connect your computer, regular and cell phones, fax, e-mail, instant messaging services, and pagers.
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Competitive Benefits

The benefits to your business also include:

Increased productivity – Focus your IT staff time on “mission critical” tasks. Leave the communication infrastructure designing, building and maintenance to the experts at Across Communications.

Controlled costs – a use-based fee insures that the results of the system are tied to the actual costs of using the system. Also, the individual customer-costs of your customers’ use of the system can be monitored and passed on directly to them.

Enhanced communications – Increase the impact of your “messaging” by your businesses communication device systems to achieve dramatically higher internal and external communication results.

Increased control – Retain control and monitor customer costs by managing your communication device system from a web-based administration and reporting interface that you control.

Leverage the power of Across Communications to manage your messaging needs.

The Hard Way: Imagine what you would have to design in order to create just one part of the Across Communications system, such as a text-to-voice message system that sends messages to a customer on his regular phone.
First you would need to contract with a service provider to buy a specially designated phone line that handles outside calls. Then in order to have good quality sound you’ll need to buy an expensive voice card. The next step means writing customized software that performs a complicated text to speech conversion, dials the specific phone number, analyzes received responses on the other end and then plays the message.

Across Communications provides you with all the tools to send a phone message and more. Your only requirement is an Internet connection. Click here to learn technical details.

The Easy Way: Open an account with Across Communications. Add a few simple lines of code to your application (See "For Developers" page for exact specifications), no additional hardware or software is necessary, and you will be able communicate with multiple devices. (see device list).

Full Service Solution - Across Communications listens to your needs, provides software support, consulting service, and insures your ongoing successful use of the system.

Messaging services - Our unique system is designed to be a comprehensive and business-friendly communication platform. We integrate, in one communication platform, a variety of remote devices that can accept incoming messages.

Global coverage - The system is designed to work with communication device systems worldwide. In fact, our web-based system can result in significant cost savings for companies based outside the US that need to deliver communication within the US.

Scalable solution – Our system is specially designed to grow with you and will scale according to your needs.

World-class customer service – Our customer-care technicians are the same people who developed the Across Communications system and answer the Hotline phone. With over a decade in the IT system industry they know the answers.

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