We offer an affordable and quick way to get a reliable web-platform which will connect your computer, regular and cell phones, fax, e-mail, instant messaging services, and pagers.
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Features page

Across Communications provides a platform that integrates seamlessly with your new or existing applications with minimal code changes. The preferred way of integrating with our service is to use the Web Services SOAP communication protocol. However, if SOAP is not available on your platform, we also provide COM and Java libraries that can be used to access our services. Click here for more technical details.

Once integrated your application will be able to communicate with the following devices:

Regular Phone – Allows you to dial a phone number and establish an interactive session with the person on the other end. You are able to convert text messages to voice, play messages over the line, collect responses in terms of press keys, and determine the line status, such as busy, answering machine, fax or a live person. Click here to try.

Fax – Converts text to fax and sends fax transmission to the specified number. Click here to try.

Short Message Service (SMS) – Sends messages to the specified SMS device number. Our service supports majority of the SMS networks around the world. Click here to try.

Numeric Pagers – Acts as a regular phone that will dial a number and enter a numeric message. Click here to try.

ICQ – Sends text messages to an ICQ client. You must have an ICQ account established. Click here to try.

MSN – Sends text messages to an MSN client. You must have an MSN account established. Click here to try.

E-mail – Sends e-mail using your or our mail server. Click here to try.

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