We offer an affordable and quick way to get a reliable web-platform which will connect your computer, regular and cell phones, fax, e-mail, instant messaging services, and pagers.
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How do I integrate my application with Across Communications Platform?

There are multiple ways integration could be achieved. The easiest way if your system or application can support Web Service Protocol or SOAP/HTTP. This way you can directly connect to our Web Service and send messages through this interface. Modern development tools such as Java, MS .NET have integrated Web Service support. If your platform or language does not provide SOAP support, you can buy our COM or Java library package that will provide you with easy integration. More information could be found on our development page.

How do I pay for Across Communications?

We accept most major Credit Cards. You specify amount you want to allow Across Communications to charge and then we subtract small amounts per usage, until you reach $0.00 balance. More info on pricing, could be found here.

How can I save money using Across Communications?

You save money in several ways: Development cost, hardware cost, infrastructure cost.

Do I pay less if I only use a few of the communication devices instead of all of them?

We charge per usage. Each message on specific device has its own cost. You will be charged per each message you send. When using Phone, you will be charge per number of simultaneous lines you reserve plus number of minutes you spend on the phone. (very similar to long distance bill).

Will you help me create coding and what is the cost?

We will answer some specific questions on our service, but coding needs to be done by your organization. We also have consulting resources that can assist with integration your application with our platform. This could be done on your site or locally here. Please call for details.

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